Black Bark has been more than FOUR years in the making, time that Executive Chef David Lawrence has spent cooking and visiting the kitchens of barbecue institutions across the country; experiences which helped him learn the history of the culinary genre and allowed him to sample the best that each style of barbecue has to offer. Lawrence has been working to shape the backbone of the restaurant and ensure a measure of authenticity.

Black Bark's namesake is that of the deep, dark, rich crust that forms around a piece of meat after hours under smoke—a staple in creating the signature flavors of our meats, like mounds of Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, and Hotlinks.

At Black Bark, we specialize in “San Francisco style” barbecue—we mesh a bit of Texas style, utilizing dry rubs and sides typical to the region, with specific techniques from Carolina and Kansas City style.

At Black Bark you can to grab a bite while watching a game, or before catching a live show in The Fillmore District. We are a neighborhood joint where locals can enjoy a good meal with each other. We are dedicated to this community and want to see it grow and develop while simultaneously paying homage to its past as a place people used to come to for this kind of food.