Top 9 Best Grill Brushes Review

Everybody loves grilling in the summer. It’s often looked at as an event, inviting all your friends and family over so that you can grill some lovely food that they will all enjoy.

You can already smell the sizzling steaks and exquisite chicken.

One thing that is important to consider when grilling is how you keep it clean and what is best to do that. One of the best ways is by using a grill brush.

That will help get up all of the tough burnt food off of the railings of the grill.

That may lead you to think well which is the best grill brush to use for your specific needs. Luckily we’ve done the leg work for you and supplied you with a few great options to choose from with regards to that very query.

Grill brush

It doesn’t matter if you cook with charcoal, gas or a pellet grill, these brushes will work perfectly for you and ensure that you don’t embarrass yourself in front of your friends and family with a dirty grill.

Nothing is worse than cooking on an already charred grill so it is important to make sure that the brush you purchase works perfectly.

Like mentioned all of the grill brushes below will work on any type of grill and are not specific to just one style.

Things to consider are how sturdy and durable the products are so that you won’t have to go and buy a new one after just the first time of using it.

Grillart Grill Brush And Scraper

This particular grill brush is a very brilliant one at that fitted with both a brush and also a scraper to ensure that the tougher build ups of grime and grease are all taken care of without you even putting in that much elbow grease.

The bristles of the brush are designed in a way that will essentially grip the grates to really get every last bit up so that the grill will look brand new. It also has three columns of wire which are also bristle.

This is so that the brush can move smoothly around any corner that you need it to while you’re still able to apply a lot of force without thinking that you are going to break it.

This brush really does make cleaning the grill a much easier task. With its ability to move around corners with ease and the hard nature of the bristle brush and the scraper it will make it more of an activity than a chore to clean your grill.

Although be a little careful as you may occasionally notice a few loose bristles after you have used it.


  • Durable design
  • Scraper makes picking the harder stuff a lot easier
  • Mobility of the product is incredible


  • May notice a few loose bristles after you have used the brush

Weber Bamboo Grill Brush

The bamboo grill brush manufactured by Weber has the classic aesthetic that all bamboo products have so you know that this is a very lovely looking piece.

It also has a scraper which will be found on top of the brush which is the perfect tool for getting the tougher bits up off of your grill.

It is a very sturdy tool as you can expect with bamboo products so you know that you can apply a little bit of force without having the worry of the handle snapping.

The brush is also brilliant for scrubbing the edges of the grates which means no area will be left untouched and you should have the grill looking brand spanking new.

It is also available in two sizes one is 12 inches and the other length is 18 inches, if you decide to purchase the bigger length you may find that you can fit both of your hands on it allowing you to apply more pressure.

Be careful to allow your grill to cool down just in case you end up melting the nylon brush.


  • Very durable product
  • Comes with a scraper fitted on top of the product
  • Available in both 12 inches and 18 inches


  • Needs to be used on a grate that you have let cool off to avoid melting any of the nylon brush

Weber 3 Sided Grill Brush

Again another brilliant product made by Weber. This brush is much different to their previous entry on the list as it is not bamboo and also doesn’t have a scraper.

However, it is a much more flexible brush that is great for getting around the corners that some other brushes struggle to do. This brush has a design of round bristles that make the moving of the brush incredibly easy.

It is also an incredibly sturdy brush so it shouldn’t break when you apply force to get up the more difficult parts from your grill.

Due to this it makes cleaning the grill very easy and you won’t often struggle to get the whole thing clean. The actual shape of the brush makes it easier to cover more of the grate than some of the other brushes that are on this list meaning you will also get the job done quicker.

The bristles will fully grip the grates when you are brushing them making it a much easier job also. This ensures fully that the whole surface area of the grill that you cook on will be cleaned to its fullest ability ensuring some lovely tasting food for your friends and family members.


  • Design of the brush makes it easier to cover the surface area of a grill
  • The bristles will grip the grate ensuring maximum cleaning
  • Also a very durable brush which is easy to maneuver


  • The brush has quite a short handle so you may find it difficult t get a good two hand grip on it to apply more force
Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush

Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush

Again this is a great brush to use when cleaning your grill. It has a handle that will give you slots to place your fingers to ensure that your hand will sit comfortably on the brush when you are applying the necessary pressure to get up all of the dirt and grime from the grill itself.

This will make it easier when you have to scrape for a long time.

Instead of using bristles for the part of the brush it has three separate rows of what is a stainless steel which allows you to to feel like you are cleaning with three different brushes at the same time.

The handle, although being comfortable, is also a very durable one which is important considering you will often be applying pressure to it.

The brush itself is also very flexible allowing it to get into each corner that you need it to with relative ease. This ensures that the whole grill will be cleaned and not just the parts that you can visibly see as being dirty.

The brush did however, struggle with some of the residue but with prolonged scrubbing it eventually will come up.


  • Very comfortable grip
  • Durable product
  • Very flexible


  • Struggled with some of the tougher residue

Unicook Nylon Grill Brush

This particular grill brush is quite a unique one as obviously the bristles of a brush can become quite dirty especially after a few uses of it.

Well luckily for you instead of having to replace the whole thing when that happens with this brush you are able to replace just the head giving you a seamlessly new brush.

The brush also has a very wide span ensuring that you can cover more of a surface area when it comes to cleaning your grill.

This will make the actual job a much quicker one because you will be cleaning more at a time. It has a plastic handle, this means that when you are cleaning you will be able to apply a little bit of pressure but not lots as it may break the handle meaning that you will have to buy a new one.

The brush itself is nylon and while that may be great for getting up some finer specs of dirt you will have to wait for the grill to cool down before you go ahead and use it to clean because the heat may actually melt the nylon brush meaning that you will have to replace it much quicker than you may have thought.


  • You can replace the brush head when it becomes dirty
  • The brush also has a wide span so is great at covering more of an area
  • The plastic handle will provide enough flexibility to apply some pressure for the tougher dirt


  • You will have to ensure that the grill has cooled down to use the nylon brush otherwise it may melt

Grill Daddy GL13186C Steam Grill Brush

Although being a much more expensive brush than any of the others on this list, you may find what the brush offers you as making it a worthy purchase.

One of the best features of this particular brush is the fact that it has a section that can be filled with water and used to create steam, this means that it can often be much easier when cleaning than just forcefully brushing the grate.

The brush is made from very high quality stainless steel so it is a very durable product as well ensuring that if you need to apply pressure you can but like mentioned with the steamer you may find not as much pressure is needed.

It also has rust proof components so you know that the product will last you for a long time without any of the internal components rusting.

The brush itself is used for medium and large grills and covers a decent surface area. It is safe to use on iron grill grates, ceramic and also stainless steel.

It is also designed to withstand all sorts of elements, so if you happen to clean your grill in the rain the product will not falter, as well it has an aluminum body making it quite a lightweight but still durable product.


  • Very durable product in both the brush elements and the aluminum body
  • Can use steam to get up the tougher areas of dirt
  • Works great for a variety of different grills
  • Will also cover a large surface area


  • The product itself is on the expensive side
Grill cleaning scrubbing brush

POLIGO Safe Grill and Brush Scraper

This is another great grill brush and scraper that you should consider. It has a very sturdy handle with a reinforced ring to ensure that you can apply lots of pressure when trying to get up the tougher parts of grime and grease from your grill.

It also has a scraper to make the tougher stains come up a lot easier.

It has a stainless steel wire frame which ensures the brushes flexibility when maneuvering the brush around. This will make sure that you are able to get to every spot of dirt that you find on your grill.

It also has a steel hook so you can hang it in place when you are not using it making it a great space saver in your kitchen or garden shed, depending on where you keep your grill cleaning appliances.

It uses three separate brushes that are used cohesively to make the process a much quicker one, 5 times as quick actually. This will make the job obviously much quicker and easier and also make it seem like a lot less of a chore.

It can also be used on a variety of different grill types, such as ceramic, cast iron, stainless steel and porcelain.

So no matter what style of grill you have, this particular grill brush and scraper combination will work perfectly for it.


  • Works on a variety of different grill styles including, ceramic, porcelain, cast iron and stainless steel
  • Offers lots of flexibility when using the brush meaning you can apply lots of pressure without having to worry about breaking the frame
  • Also provides a scraper which makes the tougher areas of grime and grease a lot easier to pick up


  • Ensure that no bristles have come loose after you have used the brush as this will impact the performance of the grill brush

Simpletaste Grill Brush and Scraper

This particular grill brush is a very durable one that has a wooden handle, the thickness of the handle will ensure that you can apply pressure to it when cleaning and won’t have to worry about it snapping.

It also has thick wires that are used to clean the grill ensuring that the task at hand is a much easier one. The thickness of the wires means they will fray a lot less easily making this a long lasting product.

The wires are made from temperature resistant nylon which means unlike some of the other nylon brushes that are on this list where you have to wait for the grill to cool down before you decide to clean, this brush can handle temperatures of 260 degrees Celsius.

It is also okay to use on many different grill types such as cast iron, stainless steel and also ceramic grills too, so no matter what style your grill is you will be able to give it a good clean with this brush.

You can also hang the brush ensuring that it is also a great space saver and you don’t have to leave it lying about somewhere without anywhere to put it when it is not in use.

The brush also comes with a scraper to make sure that you can get up the tougher parts of the dirt that have forged their way onto your grill more permanently. This makes it a much easier job to clean your grill.


  • This is a very durable product that shouldn’t snap when you apply pressure
  • Temperature resistant nylon ensures that you can clean your grill quickly and not have to wait for it to cool down
  • Added scraper to make the tougher parts come up a lot easier


  • Due to the fact that it is a wooden handle it is durable but doesn’t offer the same flexibility some other brushes do

RWM Bristle Free Grill Brush

Another great brush for your grill is the RWM bristle free grill brush. It has a handle made from stainless steel so it will be very durable and also has a hook so that you can hang it from your grill or anywhere in your house that has a hook to ensure space saving capabilities.

It is also bristle free so you don’t have to worry about bristles coming loose and accidentally cooking one into someone’s food which can be very dangerous. This makes this a very safe product to use.

It also has a 9.7 inch handle which will be big enough for you to get two hands around it and apply a decent amount of pressure to ensure that the cleaning process is a much quicker and easier one.


  • Bristle free so is less dangerous
  • Handle is big enough for you to use two hands and apply pressure
  • The product is also a very durable one as it is made from stainless steel


  • Been known for the steel coils to be too rigid not gripping the grate properly
Grill cleaning brush buyers guide

Buyer’s Guide

Bristle Type

The bristle type of the brush you use can have a major impact on its effectiveness, for example if you are using a nylon brush the majority of the time you will have to wait for the grill to cool down before you begin to use the brush, this is due to some nylon melting when the temperature is too hot.

Another form of brush is a metal bristle brush, this can ensure that the grill clean down is quick and efficient, though they have been known to scratch the grill occasionally depending on what your grill is made out of, is it cast iron or ceramic.

Then there are brist free brushes that may not have the same impact as a bristled brush but they are often more safe to use and you have less chance of finding a stray bristle in someone’s food which can be a major risk as it is quite dangerous.


Another thing you need to consider when determining if the brush is the right choice for you is the durability of the product, whether that be the handle or the brush itself.

Obviously with regards to the brush they are bound to become damaged over time so you will occasionally need to change them, whether that means removing the head or buying a new brush all together is dependent on the brush.

But a durable handle often means that you can apply lots more pressure when cleaning without having to worry about the product breaking as a result of the pressure that you are applying.

Durability is an important factor for any product so it is something that you should consider deeply when making your decision on if it is the best brush for you to use.

Luckily many of the above products are all very durable and will not break when you have applied pressure to them.


The shape of the brush is also another important factor to consider because it will often mean that the brush can cover a larger surface area of the grill and will ensure that the job is done more quickly and with ease.

This all comes down to the actual design of the brush itself and whether or not that it is big enough to cover the surface area in question.

It is not that smaller brushes are any worse than a big one but it will ensure that the job gets done quicker and will often mean that the job doesn’t require as much effort as it would if you have used a smaller brush.

This is something that you should definitely consider when determining which is the best grill brush for you, Many of the above products all have a large surface area and can clean bigger grates with a lot of ease.


Having a scraper as part of the product is a stroke of genius, it ensures that the tougher areas of dirt and grime can often be removed when they can’t be removed from just using the bristles themselves.

This will also mean that you have to apply a lot less pressure when cleaning, which means you won’t have to worry about breaking the product.

A scraper is a brilliant addition to any grill brush and is definitely something that you should consider when it comes time to making your decision.

Handle Size

Although it may not seem important at first the handle size is in fact quite important because it often means that if it is big enough you will be able to place both of your hands on the grill brush handle and apply more pressure for the dirt that is proving more difficult to clean off of the grill.

If you know that your grill will require lots of elbow grease to clean, maybe because it hasn’t been cleaned in a while then a bigger handle may suit your needs better, than perhaps a much smaller handle design.


Flexibility is incredibly important to consider when selecting your grill brush, the reason for this is because a grate of a grill can get dirty all over and not just in the easy to clean parts, having a flexible brush will ensure that you can get to any part of the grill grate that needs cleaning which will make the job you do a much better one.

When purchasing your grill brush it is important to note if it is flexible or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Size Of The Brush Really Make It That Much Easier?

Yes, with a larger brush you can cover more of a surface area which means the job will often take a lot less time to complete as well as making the cleaning process all that easier.

A bigger brush will take a lot less time to clean with because you are able to clean a larger area at once.

What Is The Best Bristle Type?

Not that any bristles are better its that some do different jobs better, metal bristle will ensure the job is done quickly, bristle free brushes will often ensure that the job is done safely and that there is no chance of leaving a stray bristle in the food you are cooking.

Nylon brushes are often a lot more gentle on the grate and won’t leave scratches or marks.

Does A Flexible Brush Really Help?

Yes, with its ability to clean every little nook and cranny the flexibility of the brush really does help make the job a lot easier.